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Alumna of the month - September 2012

Lue Cuttiford
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science and Psychology, 2009

Miriam Kennet

Lue Cuttiford recently received the All-Disciplines Postgraduate Fulbright Award to enable her to carry out a PhD at Texas A&M University on one of the most prestigious and selective scholarship programmes operating world-wide.

Lue completed her BSc in Forensic Science and Psychology in 2009 with first-class honours at LSBU. Her interest in Forensic Entomology was sparked by a few short lectures with Dr Alan Beeby. At the end of her studies, she also won the Departmental Prize for Best Undergraduate Student. “The fact that the course is taught largely by practitioners and professionals makes it both practical and worthwhile. Many Forensic Science courses in the UK suffer from a lack of useful content but LSBU's is one of the best, as well as having the most competent and knowledgeable staff.” The course has also recently been accredited by the Forensic Science Society.

The Fulbright Commission selects scholars through a rigorous application and interview process. In making these awards the Commission looks not only for academic excellence but a focused application, a range of extracurricular and community activities, demonstrated ambassadorial skills, a desire to further the Fulbright Programme and a plan to give back to the recipient’s home country upon returning.

“I discovered the Fulbright Award through where it was recommended for students who were interested in studying in the USA. Rather entertainingly, I had no clue how prestigious the award was until I started reading into it in preparation for the interview they offered me. In some respects this was a good thing as I may have been put off otherwise - but I hope that this anecdote proves to any interested readers that anyone from any background in any field is eligible for a Fulbright Award. It's a wonderful opportunity.”

Commenting on receiving the Award, Lue said: “I am completely over the moon to have received this award. I never dreamed I would be able to travel to the USA to carry out my PhD.” It’s precisely this drive and determination that has helped her reach her academic goals. She is keen to encourage current LSBU students to push themselves towards realising their potential: “Always strive for more. If you know what you want, go out and get it. I wanted to be an academic in my field, so I joined the Royal Entomological Society, I volunteered in the Entomology department at the Natural History Museum and spoke with Forensic Entomologists there.”

Despite her successes to date, Lue remains ambitious and has set her sight on utilising her talents across the globe: “I'd really love to travel the world taking on post-doctoral positions for a few years. Eventually, as every academic does, I will probably settle into a lecturing post or run a research lab with my own graduate students.”

Thankfully for us, LSBU still holds a place in her heart and she would welcome a return to her alma mater: “If LSBU wanted me to come back and teach a little Forensic Entomology, I would be delighted!”

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