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Image scrapbook

Image scrapbook allows you to share your memories of LSBU through the years and to show pictures from events you have attended.

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Once you have logged in, simply select a decade to reminisce or see a picture of an event you may attend in the future:


Images from pre 1950sImages from 1950sImages from 1960s

              Pre 1950s                                      1950s                                        1960s
  Images from 1970sImages from 2000sImages from 2010s
            1970-1989                                    1990-2009                           Post 2010

Please send your pictures with a brief explanation for posting on the image scrapbook to


Members should note that by providing photos to LSBU Alumni Association they have given consent for us to publish them in the Image Scrapbook. However, should you wish your image be removed from this page, let us know and we will be happy to do so. 

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