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Alumnus of the month - July 2010

Jorge Garcia
MSc in Health Services and Hospital Management, 2001

Jorge Garcia

Jorge has fully embraced the concept of the course he studied at London South Bank University (LSBU) to become internationally recognised for his work that has played a part in advancing international medical education.

Jorge was chosen to work under the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) because of his work on a former project to implement a blended training course in teaching for lecturers/instructors on the career of medicine to improve their performance as medical educators.
He credits LSBU for this role:

The knowledge and management competencies gained through my studies at LSBU, and improved English skills helped me in my career path.

In 2008, he was invited by the University of Marburg, Germany, to give a dissertation on the academic aspects of the practice rotation cycle of the career of medicine and regarding international student mobility programs as a new approach to better medical education.

Jorge was selected to be a fellow of FAIMER in 2008 as one of the 16 best project-authors worldwide because of his outstanding credentials in health professions management and education.
Jorge’s project focused on the organization and development of a blended training course in teaching.  The goal of the project was to improve the teaching-learning methodologies for medical educators.

As a result of this process he currently is a FAIMER fellow and travels to Philadelphia every year to attend residential sessions.

Jorge is a biochemical doctor and has worked in management positions for many years and as a hospital director from 1996 to 1999.

He previously worked as a health professional and as a lecturer/teacher from 1981 in different hospitals, high-schools and at the National University of Comahue, Patagonia, Argentina.
Due to his background, education, and his English skills Jorge was awarded in 1999 with a scholarship to do an MSc in Health Services and Hospital Management at LSBU by the National Ministry of Health of Argentina and the British Council.

The course provided the opportunity to do a one month placement at Milton Keynes General Hospital, granting Jorge an excellent opportunity to learn about the National Health Service (NHS) that has been important for his professional growth.

In December 2000, he graduated as a Master of Science in Health Services and Hospital Management at LSBU.

Jorge looks fondly at his time at LSBU:

I consider that my experience at LSBU has been a step of paramount importance for my personal and professional growth. Because of acquired knowledge and skills I have performed in excellent and challenging positions as well as meeting very important people and visiting many interesting institutions and cities.

Apart from learning, when living in London, I had the fantastic opportunity to enjoy and increase my knowledge about English culture and at present I am very willing to participate in all the academic and social events of the LSBU Alumni Association.

After returning to Argentina, his master’s degree enabled him to be appointed as a public health official and he performed for two years as a General Director of Health Promotion and Health Care.
In 2003, he was promoted as a Coordinator of the Practice Rotation Cycle of the Career of Medicine, and as a lecturer in the Seminar of Hospital Management in the School of Medicine at the National University of Comahue (NUCo).

Since 2005, he has developed, as a Coordinator, a program of academic exchange and international medical student mobility through the establishment of formal agreements with universities worldwide.
Jorge’s final reflection on LSBU is:

I am pleased to say I am tremendously grateful to all the people of LSBU (Managers, lecturers, supervisors, administration staff   and class- mates) as the years I lived in London, were the golden times of my life.