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Key Skills Lecture series – spring 2015

It is important to continue to fine tune your business and employability skills throughout your career. The LSBU Alumni Association's Key Skills Lecture series is designed to help you improve your skill set and develop the attributes to make you more likely to gain employment and be successful in your chosen occupation. You may also use the knowledge you will gain in these workshops as transferable skills which can be used in other areas of your life.

These lectures are presented by recognised professionals with years of experience and are free for LSBU Alumni Association members to attend. We will also award you a Certificate of Attendance if you come to all three sessions, which can be included on your CV as evidence of training and professional development.

The Alumni Office is currently in the process of planning the autumn 2015 key skills lecture series, details of which will be announced soon. Please contact us on if you have any suggestions for future events.

Previous lectures

Running an Online Business

Speaker: Bertie Stephens, Founder and CEO of

Search Engine Optimisation: what is it and why does content matter?

Speaker: Petra Cooke, Digital Content Manager (LSBU)

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Speaker: Ayesha Owusu-Barnaby, Lecturer in Marketing (LSBU)


“Assertiveness: the art of saying ‘No’” with Linda Kelly

Assertiveness is a skill regularly referred to in social and communication skills, often confused with aggression. Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights in a direct, honest way whilst always respecting the feelings of other people. In this video, LSBU lecturer and independent training consultant Linda Kelly explains how to ensure that small problems do not escalate into big ones, as well as addressing the assertiveness agenda in the workplace and everyday life.

“Mastering negotiation skills” with Stefan Kadlubowski

An experienced negotiator who owes his success to his skill in creating mutually beneficial business partnerships, Stefan started his business in 1998 with very little financial support. Through successful business strategies and “negotiating the right deal”, Stefan grew his business into what is now one of the UK's most successful dealer groups.


"Smarter networking" with Dorothea Stuart

Dorothea Stuart is an executive coach and Human Resources & Business consultant with substantial experience in human resources management and employee communications. In this session, Dorothea outlines various techniques on successful business networking, as well as how to make important contacts to create the relationships that will open up opportunities within the world of business and everyday life.