If you completed your studies within the last two years, LSBU’s academics will provide a reference to potential employers, other colleges or universities, a professional body or to a public body.

If you are having trouble securing a reference or cannot reach an academic, please email

The reference will provide information on matters directly related to your course (for example, academic ability) but not on other matters such as domestic circumstances.

If it has been longer than two years since you last studied here, LSBU can confirm attendance and award rather than provide a more detailed reference. A transcript can also be ordered.


You can request all of these online.

All requests from third parties requesting a reference must be made in writing (on headed paper and signed) and must be accompanied by a letter from the student giving written and signed consent to enable the University to release the information.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 the University will not disclose information to any other third party without the express consent of the data subject (the student).

The University is therefore not able to provide references to telephone callers.


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