Accessing campus

You need to be a registered member of LSBU Alumni to apply for an Access card. You can register now - it only takes two minutes. 

If you are already a member, please log in.

There are two types of LSBU Alumni Access Card.

Free Access card

The free access card offers:

  • Access to LSBU campus
  • Access to careers service (up to two years after completing your studies)
  • Access to reference books and designated computers in the library.
  • Discounted rates at the LSBU Sports Centre
  • Access the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) training suite (Open to alumni who have graduated within the last five years)


Paid Access card

The Library borrowing card costs £25 and offers:

  • All of the above
  • Permission to borrow up to five books from the Perry Library

Use of our University Access Cards is a privilege and can be revoked or amended by the University at any time. Read the policy for membership of the LSBU Alumni and use of University Access Cards.


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