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Alumna of the month – May 2013

Arina Sprynz
BSc (Hons) Product Design, 2010

Robert Humphreys

“It’s incredible to see how our University is up to speed with the latest innovations and modern technologies. It’s got all the tools and useful information to prepare the students for their dream career.”

Recent LSBU Product Design graduate, Arina Sprynz won her first art and design award at the age of 15 and is fast becoming recognised in her field of work. Alongside this, she is the proud owner of her own business, Rinz Sound, which is Arina’s stunning and unique invention of speakers made from 95% recycled toughened glass, “I wanted to create a piece of art with a purpose…I was intrigued by new and innovative materials.”

Arina’s business has already established some impressive recognition from the industry, she has received significant press coverage, television appearances on Channel 4’s Four Rooms and has spoken at the European Parliament as part of the Entrepreneurship Summer School in Brussels to inspire and motivate fellow young Entrepreneurs.

Arina moved to London from Lithuania to pursue further studies in design and chose LSBU to do just that, “…it was very important to find an institution of the highest standards that would give me the knowledge and a steady platform to move forward in my life. After extensive research I was confident that LSBU, with their track record and tools, would be the perfect place to start my career in design.”

Arina looks back on her time at LSBU with fond memories, “I still remember the first day, one of our teachers, Robin Jones, was taking us for a tour around the industrial workshops. I was terrified by the chunky machinery, 3D printers, massive cutting saws and welding equipment. I loudly said “Oh, NO!” when Mr Jones turned around with a big cheshire cat’s smile and said “Oh, YES!”

We hope our graduates believe that LSBU helped them on their way to their career, Arina agrees and explains why; “While developing the world’s first recycled glass speakers I had great help and support from the sound engineering team at LSBU. The lecturers and support staff were extremely helpful in giving me correct advice and guidance every step of the way.”

So how does Arina cope with the challenges of running her own business? “Running my own business has proved to be a lot harder than to work for someone else. I have to always be on ‘guard’ and protect my brand and Rinz Sound’s reputation. Being a young brand I believe it’s essential to build and grow an immaculate reputation in the field you are in. Therefore, my number one rule is to listen and take into consideration advice of the industry professionals and people who have a lot more experience than me.”

Arina will be featured on the new series of Channel 4’s Four Rooms which kicked off on Monday 29 April.

This year’s Entrepreneurship Summer School takes place between 8-12 July 2013, If you feel inspired by Arina’s success why not take a look? 

Find out more about Arina and her work