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Alumni of the Month

Every month, we feature LSBU alumni who have made notable achievements since completing their studies. Read on to find out more about this month’s profiled alumni and their success.

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Alumna of the Month - May 2016

Lina Akbar
LLB Law, 1995

AOM May 2016- Story

Lina Akbar runs her own coaching company, ‘Coach Me 2 Success’ and is Head Coach at an independent youth training organisation specialising in leadership and raising aspirations. Lina recently delivered a coaching programme for the Ministry of Education United Arab Emirates at Cambridge University.

‘My law degree has moulded me.  Most of what I do is still related to issues of equality; not in the legal framework, but in life.’

I had struggled with GCSEs and A levels and I was the first child in my family to attend university.I remember going to speaker events and feeling so lucky to be part of an academic society. I met many mature students during my time at LSBU and I admired their strength of character and determination to study later in life. These friends were from all walks of life and I am still in touch with many.  We lost one of our dear classmates to MS and shared wonderful memories at his funeral; these are priceless moments and it is not until you lose someone that you realise how important it is to take time at least once a year to say hello.

After LSBU I undertook an MSc in Race and Ethnic Relations at Birkbeck College. I came across coaching while trying to find a way to support young people achieve their potential, something that is very close to my heart. I had that light bulb moment….this is what I was searching for!  I was then coached myself so I could understand the impact and how it worked. 

Young people need all the help they can get when it comes to achieving their potential, through coaching they are able to increase their self-motivation by devising a personal life plan. I believe coaching can help address the gap left by policy makers and traditional classroom teaching when it comes to the needs of young people.

In my five-year plan I will fire up my company and provide coaching to even more students.  My advice to others is to keep it simple. Start your day with positive energy. Stay focussed, make use of your time and resources, create beautiful friendships and enjoy the journey.