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Alumna of the month - January 2011

Stephanie Robinson
BA (hons) Business Studies with French, 1999

Fiona Bowman 

By achieving a good degree at LSBU and gaining a variety of experience, Stephenie was able to draw on the knowledge and skills she gained at LSBU to help found and lead The National Trans Police Association (NTPA). The success of the NTPA has led her to be awarded a Commendation from the Metropolitan Special Constabulary. She is now able to use her own personal experience and expertise to give back to current students by offering to lecture on Transgender Community and the Police.

Before attending LSBU Stephenie began her career as an electronics engineer. As a Transgendered person, Stephenie found it difficult to be accepted and understood within the company. This and a variety of other reasons led her to the decision to change career and study for a degree in Business at LSBU.

Stephenie felt being a mature student helped her achieve much more in her degree due to the experience gained before. Whilst at the University Stephenie was on the Board of Governors in 1998, entered a variety of competitions and won the business excellence award. Becoming a Student Governor enabled Stephenie to improve University Services for fellow students and gave her valuable experience of running Associations and boards.

After graduating, Stephenie initially worked for a Computer Consumables Firm, before achieving her current role with the Metropolitan Police as an Information Manager. Stephenie has been with the Met Police for five years and since joining she has also become a Special Constable. Special Constables are people who give their free time to become a volunteer police officer and have the same powers and authority as regular police officers.

Whilst in her current position a meeting was called to set up a governing body to represent transgender issues within the police at National Level. Stephenie’s line manager in 2007 seized upon the opportunity that she could offer, having a clear understanding of transgender issues, having changed gender herself in 1985. Her line manager valued Stephenie and helped her to support the association. In 2009 Stephenie was made chair of The National Trans Police Association.

The NTPA exists primarily to provide support serving retired Police Officers, Police Staff and Special Constables with any gender identity issue including, but not exclusively, Trans men, Trans women, people who identify as ‘Transgender’, Androgyne or Intersex. (NTPA leaflet 2010).

Since chairing the NTPA Stephenie has provided a brilliant service for the Met Police and those within the organisation seeking advice. Stephenie has been awarded the Special Constabulary Chief Officers Commendation for her commitment and hard work in the NTPA and community support. Stephenie has also been invited to talk on premier Christian radio about her experiences and answer questions from others. Her own experiences have helped her to offer support and advice to those both in the Met Police and other members of the community.

We would like to congratulate Stephenie on receiving her award and wish her every success with the NTPA and her position within the Metropolitan Police.

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