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UK Brand Ambassador Winner

LSBU alumnus Mohammad Wasim Ghori has won the Education UK Brand Ambassador competition by Education UK, British Council.

Mohammad Wasim Ghori
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Two LSBU Graduates have been shortlisted for this year’s Education UK Brand Ambassador competition.

The British Council along with partner Education UK have run a competition for Indian students studying in the UK to write a story about their experience for the chance to become an Education UK brand Ambassador. Published through MSN, the competition is designed to establish a group of graduates who could help prospective students gain an impression of life at UK universities.

The stories include moments of fun, experiential learning, interactions with local culture, festivals, activities explorations and adventures they have participated in whilst in the UK. The British Council India’s Web Services and Partnerships Manager Moneesha Gupta explains “We wanted to see how rich their experiences were and how they had been able to express them.”

After many entries a number of them were shortlisted before the twenty five finalists were selected. LSBU alumnus Mohammad Wasim Ghori was one of the two LSBU alumni who were shortlisted and selected to become an Education UK Brand Ambassador.

Mohammad wanted to help provide others with a real insight to into studying in the UK to help them make their move.

Mohammad will take part in initiatives to help answer questions from other young Indian nationals who are thinking of studying in the UK, both at Education UK events and online. In addition, his role will be to attend events and connect with schools/colleges in India as an ambassador to help and inspire others looking to study in the UK. He will have the opportunity to share his experiences, and will have his article published in Club UK India magazine in early 2012.

Mohammad moved to London to study a master’s degree in Health Services and Hospital Management, after having completed his medical degree in India. He was very keen to learn more about the business side of the industry and expand his skill set. There are only a very small number of Universities in the UK that offer the course and Mohammad felt that with the quality of the course and the appealing location of LSBU would make it the ideal choice.

After moving to London Mohammad settled in very quickly, he mentions that the first thing that he noticed was the cultural differences; “Initially I found it strange students did not automatically acknowledge the arrival of lecturers entering teaching rooms and lecture halls. The lecture-student relationship was less formal than I’d been used to in India; it wasn’t about hierarchy, but about being treated as equals”.

Mohammed became very engrossed in student life becoming a student representative on the Course Board at LSBU, organising the student’s academic and social activities including, cultural lunches and hospital visits. Moving to the UK has also made Mohammad grow up quickly, becoming independent and free minded. He had the opportunity to meet Professor John Adair who is widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on leadership and leadership development. “When I met him, he presented me with a signed copy of his recent book, The Leadership of Muhammad. Getting close to someone who had written books I’d once read was an experience in itself”. This is something which he values most from his experience as an international student. Mohammad mentions that studying at LSBU has also helped him to develop his career and provide him with a clearer understanding of the industry.

“I strongly believe that my MSc at LSBU was the turning point in my education. In addition to the website and textbooks I was familiar with using in India, we had access to the very latest information through journals and conference papers. Visits to Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and community centres in Lambeth provided strong links to the industry.”

After completing his master’s degree in 2009, Mohammad has been recruited as a Healthcare Management Associate for Medoxon (UK) Ltd. He has been independently contracted for designing, developing and implementing business strategies and potential growth opportunities for new or existing services and products within the healthcare market.

Based on his clinical background and health services management qualification and skills, Mohammad has earned the title of a Fellow Member at the prestigious Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH). As part of his Continuous Personal and Professional Development, he is affiliated as a member of professional bodies’ including, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management amongst others promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

He has been involved in sponsoring The CMI 2011 Management and Leadership Conference National Conference on 20th October 2011 which centred around a central theme: 'Fit for Growth' and brought together some of the UK's most successful, influential and entrepreneurial leaders and policy makers to equip attendees with the necessary tools to improve individual and organizational performance and achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

We look forward to seeing his article in Club UK magazine.