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We match students and alumni with the influential, real-world connections that can help everyone reach their potential and the University can help with the following:

• Finding interns and advertising internships
• Advertising jobs, placement opportunities or sandwich years to students
• Discussing how LSBU can support with apprenticeships

To advertise jobs, internships or work placements to students, visit 'My Profile' above and select update your details. At the bottom of the page in 'Ways to Give Back' you can select this option and we'll be in touch shortly to find out more when we have students or graduates who might benefit from your offer.

If you’re a former student and you want a more general discussion, contact us on

If you’re not affiliated with the University but you’re interested in our careers service to students, please contact the employability service on



We believe its’s what you do that matters. Find an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with students and recent graduates.

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Join us at one of our free LSBU alumni professional development events where you can network with other alumni, students and staff.

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