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Alumni of the month – June 2015

Andrew Egogo
MSc Petroleum Engineering, 2010

Robert Humphreys

Upon graduating from LSBU with an MSc in Petroleum Engineering, Andrew Egogo became Senior Geologist at Baker Hughes, the third biggest oil servicing company in the world. Having also worked for Shell Nigeria, Andrew is now using his experience to inspire students wishing to become Geologists in the oil and gas industry.
A Geologist studies the Earth and the processes which shape it. It is an incredibly varied field, and Andrew’s twelve-year career as a Petroleum Geologist has spanned all stages of oil and gas exploration and production. A life-long career began innocently as a young boy who developed a passion for volcanoes: “My favourite bedtime story was about the 1883 eruption of Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia. This story fascinated me and I began studying geography, physics and chemistry in secondary school.”
Andrew enjoys the vast opportunities the industry provides and believes no other science incorporates such a range of cultural dimensions: “Geology engages you in everything that makes life fascinating and exciting: science, travel, politics, nature - you name it. A typical week at Baker Hughes may involve travelling to offshore or onshore field locations, interpreting 3D geological models of an oil and gas field and briefing senior management on major project developments.”
When asked about his future career plans, Andrew is forthcoming in his ambition and grateful to LSBU for enhancing his professional development: “I want to be one of the best global Geologists. The plan is to continue learning, working hard and adding value to the corporate strategy of the business. When I decided to pursue my postgraduate degree, the choice of University was a very important decision and LSBU shaped my life and career as a whole. The excellent teaching and resources contributed immensely to my career success technically, but I also developed soft skills like communication, presentation and interpersonal relationships which are often lacking in scientists.”

The MSc Petroleum Engineering is accredited by the Energy Institute and integrates knowledge of oil and gas industry processes. Graduates go on to secure a variety of roles with leading employers in the sector.